Lead your own destiny first!

Two months of Online One-on-One Mentoring to achieve personal & professional goals. Join now or let me understand, with one exploratory call, how I can empower and foster you in your life journey.

Who are you?

Where you are headed?

How are you going to get there?

Who do you really want to be?

I intend to empower and foster you to lead your own destiny.

Life is the biggest match we will ever play: we can win or lose depending on the quality of our game.

If you are reading these lines, you, too, are experiencing the burning desire and curiosity to discover your inner Self. It’s the same force that drove me to collect inspiring historical leaders’ wisdom throughout the years, in various disciplines.

It’s a journey that starts in the objective reality of a frenetic society lost in the ego race. Through the escape from our mental cages, it takes us to deeper parts of ourselves, driven to manifest a desirable future for ourselves and others.

We’ll learn to develop strategy, tactics and a life plan, testing ourselves with practical, introspective exercises.

We’ll become creators of a better community by taking personal responsibility and recognizing our unique “superpowers”, making the impossible possible.

Now is the moment to start the journey, and it is an honour to accompany you in the discovery of your subjective reality, the door beyond which your desired future awaits.


Online Zoom One-on-One Mentoring Highlights

  • Two months of two-hours-per-week mentoring interactive sessions with practical tests.
  • Methodology based on the book "IO - How to win at the game of life."
  • Mentoring journey supported with visual sketches and videos.
  • Luigino, the mentor and the author of the book, expressed his abilities internationally in different areas: personal growth but also in political strategy, communication, and marketing.
  • Mentoring in English or Italian

About the private sessions

With each mentoring session, we share a journey through the chapters of the book: "IO - How to win at the game of life". The book is a collection of thoughts and experiences assembled into a useful formula for those who, armed with curiosity, wish to discover new perspectives for their personal growth. A simple and practical formula that guides us towards deep introspection. My main intention is to inspire the reader to open inner doors and walk through them, attracted by the light they emit: a light that radiates from places to explore, daunting at times, but also useful to induce a strong desire for discovery, creativity, and personal fulfilment.

Concrete results

What can you expect from being mentored.

We'll clarify who we are, where we are headed, and how we will get there.
We'll reveal how to find our inner prophecy, our meaning of life, and how to manifest our vision.
We'll discover one concrete formula to open new perspectives for our personal growth.
We'll learn how to develop strategy, tactics, and one concrete life plan.
We'll learn how do we facilitate the birth of new positive habits.
We'll recognize how to lead our destiny like a leader of ourselves and a hero of life.
We'll become creators of a better future for us and the world around us.
We'll test our abilities and potentials to "win at the game of life".

About me

Experience is useful, but what truly counts is to what end we use it.
My life mission, my "inner prophecy" is to empower and foster people to lead their own destinies. I'm an Italian enamored with the Paris of the East, Budapest, where I live. During my first 50 years, I expressed my creative and entrepreneurial abilities nationally and internationally in different areas: mentoring and personal growth, political strategy and communication, event management, online trend and community development, graphics/photography, and marketing.

Luigino Bottega

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information: io@winthegame.life

Tool Required
Tool Required

Computer with good internet connection for the mentoring sessions via Zoom platform.


The mentoring sessions are held online with Zoom platform Rome/Budapest time (GMT +1) and after March 28, 2021 (GMT +2).

Sample title
Timing of sessions

The two-hours-per-week are Rome/Budapest time.

What's included
What's included

Two months of two-hours-per-week sessions / One autographed Special Edition of the book / PDF tests workbook / Premium Digital Package (PDF of the book + MP4 4 hours of video-audio course)

Mastery Practice Plan

One hour per week of Online One-on-One active Mentoring Retrieval Sessions.

It’s not just what you know, but how you practice what you know that determines how well the learning serves you later.

Practice that’s spaced out, interleaved with other learning, and varied produces better mastery, longer retention, and more versatility. But these benefits come at a price: when practice is spaced, interleaved, and varied, it requires more effort.


Lead your own destiny first!

“Life is the biggest match we will ever play:
we can win or lose depending on the quality of our game.”

Choose Your Best Plan

Looking for a way to consult a professional on how you can improve your life?
Whether you’ve been wanting to achieve personal & professional goals, you’ll be able to conveniently access professional assistance remotely - wherever you are located in the world.
(10% of the income will be donated to Globalgiving.org)


  • 30-minute open consultation
    with me to discuss how the mentoring plan can meet your specific needs.

Two Months
Mentoring Plan

  • Two months
    of two-hours-per-week sessions.
  • One autographed
    Special Edition of the book.
  • Premium Digital Package
    (PDF of the book + MP4 4 hours of video-audio course).

Mastery Practice

  • One-hour-per-week
    of Online One-on-One Active Mentoring Retrieval Session
  • Tests and self-quizzing to recalibrate understanding of what we know and feel.


Two months of Online One-on-One Mentoring Plan
or Mastery Practice Plan to achieve personal & professional goals

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