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WinTheGame.Life - The Book

"We look outside, the cities, the lands, the world, the cosmos but the biggest domain is inside us."

- Luigino Bottega

To reap the fruits of the plant for a conscious life, we must first decide to sow the seed of desire for discovery and growth.

Each decision is the consequence of a moment of inspiration that can be stimulated by one’s own experiences or facilitated by by sharing others' experiences.

"" is the initiative aims to facilitate the birth of a community active in sharing ideas, experiences and actions for a conscious life.

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Each new Dawn is a Message of Hope.

The community topics

What is reality?

The human rat race.

One life of opportunities.

The importance of preparation.

The personal shift.

Awareness vs average people.

The dogmas.

Life and the journey to the top hill.

Character and attitude.

The awareness formula.

Life and the ambitions.

The main rules of the game of life.

Definition of success formula.

Game of Ego vs Game of Soul.

Free will and responsibility.

Where we play the game of life.

Relations and harmony.

How to define life goals.

The human values.

How to define our personal vision.

The meaning of life.

Discovering our talents.

Self confidence and positive energy.

Grow and self improvement.

One strategy for my life.

Life's tactics.

How to develop a good life plan.

Habits at 360°.

Leaders, visions and inspirations.

The route to the persuasion.

One Leader, one community.

Science and the transcendent reality.

Redefine reality: possible vs impossible.

Subjective vs objective reality.

“The power of now".

How to express our full potential.

We are all potential heroes.

So the last shall be first, and the first last.

How to facilitate a better society.

Our part in the game of evolution.

Our legacy like humans in consciousness.

Can we win the game of life?

Luigino Bottega

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